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Ergebnisse/Results >World Wide Wellness< 2010 – 2011


Arbeitsergebnisse aus dem Leistungskurs Kunst unter der Leitung von Thorsten Streichardt und Kathrin Nölle


The Comenius project in partnership with Italy, Finland and Spain on the topic of Wellness is our latest educational achievement in the field of cross-cultural exchange and foreign language improvement. Students and teachers are supposed to work and participate in the project together. Within the next 24 month (2010-11) a total of 24 people will visit partner schools in Jyväskylä (Finland), Brindisi (Italy) and Madrid (Spain) for the purpose of international communication and education.

The project idea “World Wild Wellness” (the acronym WWW stands for the international dimension of the research) aims at promoting and supporting the partner schools’ and their cooperation.

Knowledge and appreciation of natural resources (wild resources) along with the observation of the processes of biodynamic cultivation in food production and hospitality are the driving forces behind the vocational partnerschools’ (all except Leibniz are vocational schools) administrations’ efforts at raising awareness and education about the “typical” quality of products and services within their local sourrounding.

The cross-cultural exploration and documentation of “wellness” itineraries for tourists – through oases of natural beauty, historical-artistic sites, wine and gastronomy presidium, arts and wellness centres in different European countries- has the objective of generating and sustaining educational innovation at the content level and as well as significant and attractive pedagogic modalities for the promotion of “wellbeing” in the genuine pursuit of improvement of the quality of social and cultural life at school.

Following to the official transnational meetings and study visits (Italy- Finland- Germany -Spain) the partners have agreed upon the common core  and student related project activities:

• Classification of “wellness” in the field of tourism referred to natural beauties, art treasures, music, folklore and food specialties with particular reference to typical local resources generated from a sustainable approach to a healthy and safe lifestyle;

• Development of an educational school project focussed on the appreciation of the geographic, historic, economic context of Wellness as perceived in each partner’s country and developed according to the latest content and language integrated learning modalities in each school reality

• Cross-cultural communication among teachers and students through both "traditional" and electronic means to develop language competences and cultural awareness

Respectful of the above selected activities the partners have been allocated specific project tasks:

  • The Catering School, Jyvaskila (FI) is be responsible for the planning of a wellness itinerary based on traditional Nordic saunas and hydrotherapy
  • Escuela Superior de Hosteleria y Turismo, Madrid (ES) is developing documentation of a cultural itinerary constructed around the Spanish folklore and its oenological traditions
  • The Leibniz Gymnasium Berlin will demonstrate the functions and values of art and music for the well being of every school member
  • Hospitality School - IPSSAR PERTINI, Brindisi will be responsible for the integrated planning of a naturalistic and gastronomic itinerary in relation to environmentally sustainable resources, processes and biodynamic production