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Comenius 2012-14

 >Language Unites: 2btrans4med<

The Comenius project >Language Unites: 2btrans4med< involves three schools: the Liceo Ginnasio Statale Immanuel Kant in Rome/Italy, the Rochester Grammar School in Medway/Great Britain and the Leibniz-School in Berlin/Germany. The new partnership is focusing on the theme of 'transformation' through the creative process. We would like to trace the development of our three European languages (English, Italian and German) from their roots, particularly Latin, to the present day. This will be done through the exploration of modern language (colloquial, universal, communicative, visual) and cultures (slang, body language, clothing, flash mob, street players, rap battles, poetry slam, text) through the Creative and Performing Arts.

In Berlin the picture of the Berlin Wall was used to explore the barriers of language. We visited the Berlin Wall Memorial and heard a lecture of Thomas Henseler and Susanne Buddenberg on their Comic >Berlin- A City Divided<.

These aspects (among many others) were incorporated into the workshops.

The creative output shows the intense involvement of students and teachers with these materials (see video). Please download the video from the webpage (MediaCenter Telekom: 1,3 GByte).

In Rome the Collusseum will be a creative impulse for us, having the working title >Box of Words<.

The exchange is  structure as a carousel of 5-day workshop mobilities (autumn 2012-Berlin; spring 2013-Rome; autumn 2013-Rochester; summer 2014-Rome) across a 2-year period. It provides opportunities for all students to:

- plan and prepare four five-day workshop mobilities in Creative Arts

(Art, Music, Dance, Media, Performance, Text) based on their cultural heritage compare different teaching and learning styles

- engage with preferred learning styles e.g. kinaesthetic

- improve their language skills

- enable them to work independently

- celebrate musical and artistic achievements within local communities and the festival in Rome in summer 2014.




Im Rahmen des englischsprachigen Comenius-Projekts >Language Unites: 2btrans4med< unter der Leitung von Frau Nölle haben Schülerinnen und Schüler aus Rochester (Großbritannien), Rom (Italien) und der Klassen 10 des Leibniz-Gymnasiums vom 3.-7. Dezember in verschiedenen Workshops (Music, Art, Text, Performance, Dance und Lens-based Media) gearbeitet und ihre Ergebnisse zu einer gemeinsamen Aufführung zusammengeführt.

Diese Aufführung und Dokumentation der Workshops können Sie in diesem Video sehen. Das Video auf der nächsten Seite bitte herunterladen (Mediencenter Telekom: Größe ca. 1,3 GByte).

Viel Spaß!


Download PROGRAMME for  >Language Unites: 2btrans4med< WORKSHOP BERLIN